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Jul 2, 2024

This week on The Exploring More Podcast, we are diving into the last part of our series called "The 4 Assumptions," which originated from our weekend events. In this episode, Michael Thompson and SJ Jennings explore assumption number four: "God Still Speaks" a topic they frequently revisit. They emphasize why this assumption is pivotal for experiencing the fullness of the gospel. They discuss the interconnected nature of all four assumptions and highlight how God's ongoing communication encompasses them all.  The conversation begins by grounding the idea of God's desire and ability to speak to us in biblical teachings. From there, they transition into practical insights on how to implement this understanding in daily life. They consistently affirm the importance of these four assumptions in fully embracing the Gospel: living as Kingdom Men and Women, engaging in spiritual warfare, embracing restoration, and recognizing God's continuous communication.  Join Michael and SJ in this finale of this series on the Exploring More Podcast as they unpack these concepts, offering a biblical approach on how to go about life with Jesus.

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