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Apr 23, 2024

Preparing your heart for an encounter with Jesus is a pertinent thing to do, because Jesus Changes our lives.  In this Episode of Exploring More Michael Thompson, and SJ Jennings talk about how they practice rhythms of solitude, quiet, and presence to prepare their hearts to hear from the trinity.   With the Heart of a Warrior Encounter coming up this weekend, Michael and SJ encourage men to get into a rhythm of slowing down and listening.  How, why, and the effects, of practicing slowing down and getting away with God in your own life.  Are you comfortable with the quiet?  Do you want to hear from the Lord? Dive into these questions with Michael, and SJ to explore more of what’s in it for a man, who can slow down, and find a walk in the rhythms of grace, in this episode of the Exploring More Podcast.

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