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Jun 25, 2024

This week on The Exploring More Podcast, we continue our compelling series titled "The 4 Assumptions," inspired by our weekend events. In this episode, Michael Thompson and SJ Jennings explore assumption number three: “Restoration is Available.” The concept of restoration being available suggests both a state to be restored from and an ideal to be restored to, as an image bearer. The conversation delves into these aspects, outlining what the journey of restoring your heart with Jesus entails. Zoweh considers this foundational enough to include in our 4 assumptions. By embracing these assumptions—such as living as a Kingdom Man or Woman, acknowledging spiritual warfare, recognizing the availability of restoration, and understanding that God continues to speak—Zoweh believes one can fully experience the richness of the gospel.  Join Michael and SJ in this enlightening episode of the Exploring More Podcast as they delve into these concepts, offering practical insights and perspectives on how to integrate these truths into everyday life.

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