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Jul 9, 2024

This week's installment of The Exploring More Podcast delves deeply into the important concept of Glory. Hosts Michael Thompson and SJ Jennings embark on an exploration aimed at understanding whether Glory is in us.  Throughout this thought-provoking episode, they tackle the notion of being image-bearers of God, illuminating what it truly means to reflect this image in our daily lives.  Drawing from a list of biblical passages and insights from theologians such as Gary Barkelow, Howard Thurman, and C.S. Lewis, Michael and SJ provide a biblical perspective on embracing and embodying one's true Glory. They reflect on the implications of living authentically within this identity, offering practical wisdom and a biblical framework for navigating life's journey with Jesus. Join them as they unpack these ideas, inviting listeners to consider how these insights can transform their understanding of spirituality and daily living. This episode of the Exploring More Podcast promises to dive deep as it encourages a deeper exploration of what it means to walk in the fullness of one's created purpose.

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