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Apr 2, 2024

Getting away with God is something that we love to talk about.  Extended time alone with God has lead to some of the most important life change and experiences in Michael and SJ’s lives. In this Episode of Exploring More Michael Thompson, and his friend SJ Jennings, talk about the impact of spending time alone with God, in relation with Redeeming Generational Masculinity.  They answer the questions, ‘what is the vision God has given us?’  ‘How does a mens retreat impact generational masculinity, for the healing of men, women, and marriages?’ ‘How does our training with God play into our daily lives?’.  Hear about the importance of putting in the effort to fight for time away with God so that you can show up, in your life, as the man God has created you to be.  Is this your desire for life? Michael & SJ explore more of how the heart can change by taking extended time away with God in this episode of the Exploring More Podcast.


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