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Apr 4, 2019

Michael Thompson, Scott SJ Jennings
The Stages of Masculinity - can be earlier or later - this is a rough outline.
Boyhood 1-10 - presiding over your room, in a protected environment
Ranger 11-20 - more responsibility, able to roam outside more
Warrior 21-30 - even more authority and responsibility, in the battle
Lover 31-40 - seeking intimacy and responsibility of a husbanding a wife
King 41-60 - ultimate responsibility, in charge of a domain
Sage 61+ - advisor to the king
During the Warrior Stage a Man needs to Know How to Fight and How to Guard
Above all else, guard your heart.
The Warrior sees that there are injustices in the world.
The transition from Ranger to Warrior often comes when there’s a disruption. Something has changed since boyhood and the ranger stage. The world becomes more segregated. The Warrior recognizes that weaker people need protection. Physical changes are happening - broader shoulders, bigger muscles, etc. Responsibility is increased. Nobody is cutting your meat for you anymore. You have a driver’s license. Are you earning money?
City Slickers - Best Day/Worst Day - It was the day he became a warrior.
If a guy has all of his battles fought for him, what are the consequences of that? One day he will be in trouble!
Many fight battles for their own promotion and protection. A warrior knows he needs to fight for the protection and hearts of others.
Warriors begin to have causes outside of themselves. Hopefully, they have good kings around to lead them.
Philip Yancey says in The Jesus I Never Knew, “You don’t crucify Mr. Rogers or Captain Kangaroo. You don’t kill a nice guy.” -
"No greater than he who lays down his life for his friends.” - The ultimate warrior sacrifice.
Definition of a warrior - “a brave or experienced fighter” 
Jesus, the warrior, stood up for the woman about to be stoned. There is an enemy that does not sleep.
There are two kingdoms at war over you.
The warrior is the stage of the rude awakening. There is evil - Darth Vader (Star Wars), Commodus (Gladiator), Wicked Witch (Oz), Longshanks (Braveheart). The warrior realizes he is in a fallen space.
Learn the tactics to fight the battle well.
The two questions of the warrior stage: Do I have wait it takes? Can I come through?
The environment is more hostile. There’s hard work and discipline. You’re fighting the waves. Athletics and music can be important during this stage. Failure is not the end of your life. A good king is able to help the warrior interpret their lives and the wrong that has happened. We tend to focus on the meek and mild Jesus instead of the mean and wild Jesus. He is the fierce Lion of Judah. He’s flipping tables and cracking a whip.
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