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Apr 16, 2024

Hearing what women think about generational masculinity is a perspective that is incredibly important. In this Episode of Exploring More Michael Thompson, his wife Robin Thompson, and his friend Sherry Jennings, talk about what they are hopeful for in the work of redeeming generational masculinity for the healing of men, women, marriages, and families.  They tell stories of hurt and hope. How men have let down, and not rose to the occasion of treating a feminine heart with curiosity, kindness, and strength, as well as sharing how the continued healing of men around them has had a beautiful effect in their lives.  Hear and share this incredibly important perspective of why it is so important for a man to get his heart back, to his work, and walk with God. Jump in with Michael, Robin, and Sherry to explore more of how the freedom of a mans heart can positively effect the world, women, marriages and their families, in this episode of the Exploring More Podcast.

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